The Antidote

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

Psalm 150:6

As I sought the Lord for a word today I saw the image of what looked like a set of lungs, but only in shape. It was a two-dimensional image – flat, and black in color.

I asked, “Poppa what does it mean?” and as I closed my eyes again I saw the same image only it had become three-dimensional and was rounded and pink in color.

Then I heard the words: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

I used my breath to praise Him in my tongue and immediately felt joy and peace rise up in my soul.

I heard: “This is the antidote to fear – and sickness!” I remembered that the CoVid19 virus makes its home in the lungs of the infected person.

I believe the Lord is saying that the weapon that will annihilate this threat to human life is praise. As His children collectively lift up our praises to Him the CoVid19 virus will be stopped in its tracks and the power of fear will be neutralized.

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