The Bubble

I asked the Lord to speak to me and saw the image of an upturned hand. I sensed I was supposed to lift my own hand and position it palm up and as I did the Lord placed what looked like a glass sphere in my hand. “Thank You for the gift, Poppa,” I said […]

You are My beloved

“Daughter, you have only to look to me for I am Your husband. I will take care of all your needs. “Little one, if you knew how precious you are to me, you would never doubt or feel alone. I am as close as your own skin, as the very air you breathe into your […]

A Glimpse of Glory

A few mornings ago while worshipping the Lord in my living room I saw a vision flash behind my eyelids. It was a brilliant glowing orb whose radiant golden light shone through a thick veil of grey fog. A feeling of excitement so powerful surged through me that for a split second my stomach threatened […]

The Lion Queen

While working a group study with the women of my church recently, I asked God this question as the workbook instructed: “If You were to give me a new name to reflect Your promises to me, what would it be?” The answer I got was, “The Lion Queen.” For some reason, hearing this name made me cry. […]