As I waited on the Lord He showed me a beautiful dandelion and said:

Dandelions are overlooked and unappreciated because people do not see how brilliant and beautiful and multifaceted they are. I designed them to look like the sun because that is how important they are, converting the sun’s energy into food – into life.

So many of the beautiful and amazing things I create are overlooked, under-estimated and underappreciated, but that does not diminish their value or their beauty.

When you are overlooked, underestimated and unappreciated, it does not diminish your value or affect your worth – and it does not take away from your beauty. Do not let people who don’t appreciate or understand you cause you to belittle or undervalue yourself and your gifts.

Shine! Even in the darkness. Even if no one sees you. I see you. I love you. I know you. And I want you. Nothing is required of you. You be the person I created you to be and leave the others to Me.

Make yourself at home in My love and walk in My favor. For you are precious to Me. And you are amazing and beautiful and multifaceted – valuable to Me in so many ways!

Shine! Let your brilliance be seen because you are a light to the world, whether or not they can see it!

Journal entry April 8, 2019

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